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If you owe the IRS for income tax fraud, can you defer payments?

Monday, November 30th, 2009 @ 7:08 am

I claimed dependents on my 2008 return and got more money back than I was supposed to and now I am on payment arrangements to pay it back. Is there anything I can do to get my payments deferred for a while due to economic hardship?

Answer:Call IRS at the phone number (1-800-829-0922 or 1-800-829-8374)listed on your balance due notice. But before you call visit IRS website www.irs.gov and download Form 433-F Collection Information Statement, complete the form and have it available when you call. Have a pen and paper in canse they give you some information.

Good luck! Hope you know that when you file your 2009 return it will be closely reviewed and may take a little longer to process. And if you are due a refund, it will be offset to your debt. regardless if you are on an installment agreement. IRS will let you skip a payment, but you must call.

Answer:The IRS may be able to grant you a little time. Contact them and let them know about your hardship and they'll probably try to work something out. The IRS is not in the business of trying to mess people up – they just want to collect their taxes – that's all.

Answer:How much do you owe and how much are you paying per month?

Economic hardship means the IRS will review your income and expenses to determine the minimum you can pay per month.

Answer:Actually the IRS despite contrary opinions is pretty reasonable. If you call them up and explain the circumstances they will probably work with you.

Answer:you can apply for an installment agreement which will cost you some money to set up

and you will need to comply with that agreement entirely or the entire bill will be due and payable asap

Answer:That does not qualify as fraud.

If making the payments is causing a hardship as defined by IRS, payment can be deferred. Call IRS and tell them your sad story.

Answer:You probably can't totally defer the payments, but they'll let you set up a payment plan.

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