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How to write a letter to break a lease?

Monday, December 21st, 2009 @ 7:05 am

I currently live a two bedroom apartment..Me and my roomate both signed the lease and she moved out..I can no longer stay there due to i cant afford 570.00 plus utlities…in the lease there is a buyout clause of two months rent and a 500 early moveout fee. I am not willing to pay that whole amount I cna pay the $500 early moveout fee and what will happen to my roommate….Please someone help if you can give a template of how to write the paper.

Answer:You can pretty much expect to be evicted for non-payment. You do not have a legal right to move out, the letter will not help. Even after you leave you can be evicted, and end up owing the entire lease amount.

You already agreed to pay the two months rent, no letter will alter that contract.

Answer:At best you can ask the landlord to accept something less than what is in the lease that you signed. The ball is in the landlord's court on this. If he says "No" then you and your former roommate are fully responsible for the entire amount as specified in the lease that you signed. The fact that you are "unwilling" to pay that much is irrelevant. If you fail to pay the amount stipulated, expect to be sued for the unpaid balance. This will throw up a huge red flag to potential landlords.

If the LL does agree, get it in WRITING first.

Answer:Try this:

To Whom it May Concern,

Effective (date) I will no longer be renting the property (address). As stated in my lease signed on (date) I agree to pay the re-renting fee of $550. Please see enclosed check.

I will vacate the property on or before (date) and will turn my keys in to (name land lord) on or before that day. Please contact me before that day to schedule a move out inventory. I can be reached before (date) at (phone number) and after at (give new address and/or phone). All repair costs should be taken from my security deposit and the remainder should be mailed to my new address within 30 days of move out.



Fill in the blanks, sign and date and keep a copy for your files. You may want to also send a photocopy of the lease agreement and highlight the section on breaking the lease.


Answer:It does not matter how you write the letter. You and your room mate are responsible for the rent until the apartment is rented out again plus the landlord's expense in finding a new tenant.

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