If my monthly rent is 500.00 and i move out on the 15th how much money is still owed to me? | maho

If my monthly rent is 500.00 and i move out on the 15th how much money is still owed to me?

Sunday, December 27th, 2009 @ 8:42 am

None. If you occupy a unit even one day into the month the landlord can legally charge you the full months rent.

Also, if you did not give proper 30 or 60 days notice (which ever is required in your lease) they can charge you the next months rent as well. Just so you know.

Answer:Nothing. If you intend to move out on the 15th, what you should have done was give them a notice on NOVEMBER 15, and then when december came around you would have paid a pro-rated rent for the 15 days you will be there ($250).

The 30 day notice is to make sure the landlord gets at least 30 days of rent and time in order to find a new tenant before the current one leaves. That way he's not out any income.

If you want to move out early, you still owe 30 days of rent from when you tell them you're leaving. So if you are leaving on the 15th, and you didn't give notice last month, you aren't owed any rent back.

Answer:Im renting long enough to know that the above answers are true. The tenants take financial responsibility for the landlord by moving out early. Then the landlord will probaly let your accomodation to someone and get paid twice for that period as has happened to me before (I gave the keys back at the time I moved and a Polish woman was moved in before I got out the door. You might also lose you deposit by the way.

Answer:Zero. You owe for a full month's rent as soon as you spend one night in an apt. Landlords will prorate rent for moving in, but never on moving out unless it is stated in the lease. If you do not give proper notice you can also owe another month's rent after you move out.

Answer:You are not owed anything. If you move out earlier than you planned that makes you at a loss not the landlord. Unless it is specifically in your agreement you are owed nothing. Typically moving out mid month is never allowed because it puts the landlord at a loss.

Answer:If you are required to submit a 30 day notice to terminate tenancy, then you may not be getting any money back. If your scheduled to legally vacate on the 15th, why did you pay a full month's rent?

Answer:We do not have enough information. You owe for 30 or 50 days, depending on your contract or lack of one, after you gave notice that you were moving. The day you actually moved out is not really relevant.

Answer:Not a penny. Rents go by the calendar month. If you move out on the 15th, you still owe rent until the end of the month.

Answer:Nothing. You always pay rent to the end of the month or the landlord looses money

Answer:None. You rented the apartment until the end of the month but chose to leave early.

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