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Can I claim dependents if someone else is getting Financial and food stamps from the state?

Thursday, January 21st, 2010 @ 6:14 am

I am 22 years old, im head of house hold everything is under my name. i have one son the age of two. and i have my boyfriend's mother and three younger brothers who live with me. only I work, will i be able to claim the three boy including my son for my taxes. but my boyfriends mother collects financial and food stamps from the state for the three boys. Will I be able to collect for the 3 boys there ages are 5years, 16 years and 18 years old. the 18 years old brother is going to collage.

My totoal year to date gross pay was $15, 396.48, Federal took out $817.61 and State took out $729.80 I would like to find out how much will i get back and if i can claim the 3 brtohers?

Answer:If she's collecting financial aid and food stamps for the 2 youngest ones, you cannot claim them. The only way, you could claim them is to adopt them, cutting her out of the loop. At that point, all her financial aid and food stamps would stop.

Answer:Simply, you are trying to gain more refund by claiming more numbers in your tax return. The EIC only given to son, daughter, brother, sister, grandson, granddaugther, adoted son, foster child by court order, niece, nephew. Other dependents whom you want to claim will not give you the JUICE you look for, By claiming the numbers you are talking about, you put your self under microscope as you will not be able to proof what the IRS wants.

Answer:If they lived with you ALL year, it's possible although not very likely you can claim them as dependents. That wouldn't do you any good though. You already don't owe any income tax just claiming yourself and your son. And you'd only get a useless exemption for the boyfriend's brothers even if you could claim them, you couldn't get EIC or child tax credits. So you wouldn't get anything extra for claiming them.

Answer:you can use turbo tax on line the federal is free and it will guide you ..just answer the questions..I am pretty sure you can claim them

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