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What happens if your employer does not withhold Federal Income Taxes from your check?

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010 @ 8:11 am

It is tax time and I just received my W2 and I have noticed that my employer has not with held any federal income taxes. All other taxes (social security, state, and Medicare) were with held normally. This poses a serious problem for me because it means i will owe the IRS money when i would have gotten a refund and I recently lost my job with this company so I wont have money to pay. My question is if this is legal for the company to do? and also is there anything I can do to prevent owing money. I don't believe this should be my concern because I filled out my W-4 accurately claiming 0.

Answer:You just noticed? Maybe you don't earn enough to require withholding. If you do, you should have taken care of it a long time ago.

Answer:Well did you not get a pay stub? it says on your pay stub what they are taking out each paycheck and you should have noticed that nothing was being taken out. There is nothing you can do to prevent owing money for 2009. Also it is your concern because even though they weren't taking taxes out it is your responsibility to make sure everything is correct on your pay stub and if it's not you are the one that is responsible for report these issues to your manager or hr dept.

Answer:Whether the took anything out depends on your income each paycheck and how often you were paid, plus what you put on your W-4.

Even if they screwed up and should have taken money out and didn't, you still owe the money. You got it when you shouldn't have, so now you have to catch up. If you owe anything, you have to pay it.

Answer:I don't get federal taxes taken out either. It has to do with how you filed your taxes on your tax form you filled out when you were hired. Don't stress- file your taxes and see what you owe, making sure to take out all deductions possible. You can make payments just set up a plan with them. There may be a payment deferment for those who are out of work.

Answer:claiming 0 should have made more to be withheld. you may want to verify w/ your employer that you have correct data on your statement. if it is correct, they made a mistake and there isn't muchyou can do abou tit except owe the money and try to figure out a payment schedule…

Answer:You should go to a company like H&R Block and have them look after your tax claim forms they know all about taxes so make sure you do that and that way you will not be liable for any outstanding taxes owed if any,,ok?? good luck to you.

Answer:If they made the mistake, they will pay. Unfortunately, you pay if it's your error. (Call the irs for help on this).

The IRS will let you pay over time. Work with them. Don't fail to file, though.

Answer:The money withheld is based on your income. I think you will find that when you do you taxes you won't owe the IRS anything.

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