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problem in resizing hard drive

Friday, July 30th, 2010 @ 12:19 am


Diskutil command gives error when we resize a volume to half of its size.

Diskutil command description on command prompt (using man diskutil) don’t talk about this issue.

But the same command works when we resize a volume to 80% of its size.

thanks in advance mentors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer:sorry for the wrong query which i have given. the actual query is -

Computer:~ root# diskutil resizevolume /Volumes/Untitled\ 1/ 30G

Started resizing on disk disk1s2 Untitled 1


Resizing Volume

Resizing encountered error No space left on device (28) on disk disk1s2 Untitled 1

Computer:~ root#

i have 80 GB hard drive. when i am resizing it as 30G the following error has been occurred.

please help me out and give me the solution of the above error.

thanks in advance…..

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