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Friday, August 27th, 2010 @ 6:24 am

I downloaded a folder icon so i can use it on my dock. I used one that looks different from the usual blue folder:

When i shut down the computer or restart it goes back to the bland blue folder:

My questions is how can i keep the folder that i downloaded?

Answer:I have the same issue, but with only one folder. Changing from Folder to view to Stacks view and back again fixes it, but always reverts to a blank folder on restart.

Answer:yea, i did that, just kinda stinks that it wont stay the way in want it.


Answer:Mine does not do that. Here is what I did, to change the icon of my applications stack. (

In the Dock, select the folder – Right Click and set the "Display as" to Stack (

Copy the Icon you want to set as your stack icon and paste it into the Applications folder (

Rename the icon file so that it has a space infront of the file name.

For Eg: I have a icon file named "Applications.icns" I renamed it to " Applications.icns" (

Close the appications folder

From dock, right-click on the applications stack and make sure that "Sort by" is set to "NAME"

Using this technique the icons do not automatically default back to the original folder icon :)

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

Answer:cool, that’s working so far, thanks guys for the advice

Answer:cool, that’s working so far, thanks guys for the advice

u r welcome

Answer:I’m not sure how i got it to work, but now the folder icon doesn’t change upon power up or restart. the only thing i did was update to 10.5.7. maybe that fixed the situation.

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