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What can I use to learn about Current Events from previous weeks?

April 3rd, 2010

I need from Jan 1-Present

i wasnt talking about a newspaper. is there some resource?


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Do children copy their parents drinking habits? Do you like vodka?

April 3rd, 2010

Parents underestimate the influence their own drinking habits have on their children's attitude to alcohol, government research suggests.

A Department for Children, Families and Schools study suggests children from heavy-drinking households are more likely to use alcohol themselves.

And half of young people who have drunk alcohol were given it by their parents.

It comes as ministers urge parents to help their children make sensible decisions about drinking alcohol.

The department commissioned research to get a clearer idea of the attitudes and use of alcohol among parents and young people.

The study was based on 4,000 interviews with parents, children and young people.

'Delay drinking'

It also found that eight out of 10 parents had no pre-planned strategies to tackle irresponsible drinking by their children.

One in four of the children interviewed said their parents had never talked to them about alcohol.

While the majority of parents said they were fully aware of their child's drinking habits, one in 10 said they were unaware if their child had drunk alcohol.

The research is being published as part of a campaign to tackle under-age drinking.

Schools Minister Vernon Coaker said: "Today's research shows that parents underestimate their influence over their child's drinking and attitudes to alcohol, yet a quarter of young people have never spoken to their parents about the issue.

"That's why through the Why Let Drink Decide? campaign we are giving parents and young people the confidence to have open conversations about alcohol, to ultimately delay the age at which young people start drinking."

Answer:children look up to their parents as role models. if they see them drinking, they will see it as ok to drink alcohol. if the parent gets drunk a lot, the child will see it as ok to get drunk, and so on

Answer:well would you believe it, the parents who sit around swigging booze 'teach' their kids to do the same by setting a bad example. How much of my money was spent on finding out this obvious fact?

Answer:dont blame parents for everything,look at supermarkets,pubs and clubs you still need to be 18.must admit ,we are not a strong drinking family but nevertheless we do like to indulge whenever we can afford it.

Answer:We gave our children watered down wine with their Sunday lunch when they were 11 years old. They're all now over 25 and none of them drink to excess. None of them drink at home – well apart from a few cans when the cricket, rugby or football are on and their friends are round.

Answer:Not necessarily. Children might copy adults if parents actively encourage them to drink. You have to find a happy medium that works for both.

Answer:nop, my mother was an alcoholic which has prompted me to never ever drink, there is no need in alcohol to enjoy life which sadly is what people my age think

Answer:luckily I'm old enough to know I shouldn't follow my parents footsteps when it comes to drinking and smoking. I'm having to drum it into my kids too.



Answer:That isn't always true.

My mum and her whole side of the family don't touch alcohol at all, she was always going on about how bad it is, how it's a waste of money. My dad used to drink a lot and in some cases got violent, which I have seen. However, I don't mind alcohol and don't mind drinking it every now and again with my friends. I don't see myself as having a problem with alcohol at all. Over two years I've only had it on three occasions, and on all three of those occasions I've not had enough to get drunk (I'm not a lightweight as it seems). I don't think my parents know about my drinking habits, but my mom does know that I have no problem with drinking.

What's the average age that kids start drinking these days anyway? The first time I tried it I was 13. I'm not a big fan of vodka however, unless it's with something else like coke.

Answer:I grew up in an era whereby alcohol was only in the house at christmas and that was not unusual.I myself only started drinking at 31 so I started late and I choose not to drink any more.Lets be honest people are only drinking more because today as a society we have much more n=money to waste.Alcohol is like any drug drink regularly and you need more to feel high and your body begins to tolerate more and more.Talking about it would only be like talking about preventing teenage sex and pregnancy,sometimes too much information is not a good idea.

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Why should body scanners at airports be deemed an infringement of our privacy and human rights?

April 3rd, 2010

when i have to fly, which is not very often, i would prefer to get there safely, and not be killed by an extremist with explosive stuffed inside himself, and scanners should prevent this new trait

Answer:For the same reasons that anyone being allowed to wear portable x-ray glasses in public would.

Answer:Everything nowadays is an 'infringement of our privacy or human rights'. You can't discipline kids anymore because it's against 'their human rights'. Load of rubbish. People just need to get on with life and stop whinging at every opportunity. I'm with you on airport security. They can check people as many times as they have to. At least I will feel safe.

Answer:The new scanning is pointless, these nutters are going to blow themselves up anyway so it wouldn't take too much for them to get surgically implanted items they need and it would be invisible to all the new scanning regimes!

It is an infringement of our privacy and human rights, I've just tried to cancel my BA holiday to the states, despite it being more than 3 months away I'm told the cancellation fee is 60% of the total cost of the holiday!!

Answer:No reason.If it stops rancid extremists in exploding y-fronts blowing up innocent people,so be it.If this offends some people on religious grounds,how about x-rays and body cavity searches?

Maybe the powers-that-be should take that religious offence cop-out and say "we don't care anymore;for the good of the majority,accept the scan or don't fly."

Answer:Body scanners at UK airports may be unlawful, the Equality and Human Rights Commission has warned.

The scanners, which are already in place at Heathrow and Manchester Airports, could also break discrimination laws as well as breaching passengers' rights to privacy, the commission said.

U-turn for Brown yet again?

Answer:I said when this was first mooted that the Human Rights lawyers would be all over it like a rash! Imagine if you prefer not to have anyone see your face and wear 'modest' clothing – everything is now going to be on view and those who wear the burkha will not be happy.

Answer:so you are happy for some stranger to letch at your wife and kids naked, just because some people have a phobia of flying, and think their flight is going to suffer an attack that in reality is one in millions that it will happen to you.

Why don't the phobics stay at home and not fly?

Answer:Removing your clothing and seeing what you have got should be a infringement of our privacy.

If you are shy then do not fly.

I do not want my bits on show to total strangers thank you…

They might has well get everyone to strip off in a room and do a good job….

Answer:For every one who is traveling by air it is right for their safety to pass through the scanner, like this one can say that nobody has explosives under their cloths. Yes it is a must and a good device .

Answer:If it prevents a plane from being blown up then I am all for it. Human rights and racism shouldn't come into it. If you aren't prepared to be scanned then you shouldn't fly. The Human Rights Laws should be scrapped.

Answer:don;t see that this is right, and no can;'t see how these explosives will show up hidden up someone's a rse.

army personnel have been killed this way, the body scanners don't pick up whats inside.

Answer:It's just a shame that because of dreadful security on internal flights in the US 10 years ago the whole bloody planet has to suffer all this crap.

Answer:Maybe they're worried about the airport staff getting horny over pictures of what are effectively naked ghosts. Absolutely barmy. [tsk]

Answer:Yes, me too. The British are just a load of moaners these days. I don't believe in the Human Rights Act anyway. It's caused so much trouble since its inception.

Answer:Anything the left does is A-O-K, If the right was to do it, its wrong.…

Answer:I agree. I have no problem with it, and if anyone objects to being scanned then they can get on a different plane to me.

Answer:People will have a choice, don't like the scanners? don't fly!

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Help me plzzz to write a feature article about describing?

April 3rd, 2010

could you please write a feature article describing a property in your local area for the purpose of selling the property about 300 words …plzz help me with that because i don't know how to write it or rather what should i write… english is my second language so it's really really hard for me plzzzzz helppp

Answer:I'll try and give you a start, then you can carry on.

A wonderfull opportunity has arisen in the The Hill area of Johannesburg! Property investors will be vying for a chance to get their hands on this gem. The elegant mansion is in the prestigious gated community known as The Hill, where armed guards patrol 24/7 and each home is fitted with state of the art alarm systems……….. now go on to describe the rooms, garden, bathrooms and anything else you fancy. Good luck!

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People keep asking about the body scanners at airports?

April 3rd, 2010

Most people don't mind as it surely will deter or catch terrorists. But what if it's a false sense of security? These people go to a lot of trouble. Criminals always seem to find a way around any obstacles.

Answer:What I find funny is that people are whinging about it being an invasion of their human rights. Surely it's only removing a human right if it's compulsory? After all, no-one's forcing you to fly.

Just because it might provide a false sense of security is no reason not to introduce them. After all, they will not only help catch potential terrorists, but drug smugglers and other criminals, who cause the deaths of thousands of people each year. As this is the case, I think it's worth it. Just remind people that they are not fool proof, and they should keep being vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour.

Answer:There are a few reasons for body scanners, none of them about security.

One is to earn money for the manufacturers of the machines, (check out the shareholders) and the other, bigger reason, is to get people used to being treated like a herd of potentially dangerous animals, as is their status in the Police State that Orwell predicted, which is coming true, a few decades behind schedule..

There were body scanners at the airport the Christmas underwear bomber boarded, but he went through without even being searched.

If you were a few years older you'd remember a time when this sort of thing would be seen as it was, an invasion of privacy and freedom, and a presumption of guilt, and not tolerated.

But slowly all the apparatus of a police state is being erected around us, some blatantly and some surreptitiously, as we meekly look on, fooled by this ridiculous scam

-"the war on terror".

As Benjamin Franklyn said:

"Those who would give up essential liberties to purchase some temporary safety. neither deserve nor will get either."

Answer:There is another way. One country already implemented an efficient, multi-level security system that works!

(They don't take away your water and medications, make you walk in stocking feet, or take other useless measures.)

"You can easily do what we do. You don't have to replace anything. You have to add just a little bit – technology, training….

But you have to completely change the way you go about doing airport security…."…

If you fly, there are so many reasons to read this article.

As others above pointed out, it's only a matter of time before terrorists get around the invasive body scanners. Meanwhile, the innocent travelling public has yet another useless procedure foisted upon them. The time has come to demand an intelligent, effective security approach.

Answer:You have two choices, use them or don't fly. Simple. I would rather get on a plane knowing that everyone had been scanned the same as me, than let someone committing mass murder use religion (again) or human rights (again) get through without being checked. No scanner, total strip search, or don't get on the same plane as me. As far as children are concerned, terrorists have been prepared to use children in the past so why give them a way to get round the security

Answer:Body scanners at UK airports may be unlawful, the Equality and Human Rights Commission has warned.

The scanners, which are already in place at Heathrow and Manchester Airports, could also break discrimination laws as well as breaching passengers' rights to privacy, the commission said.

Told you it wouldn't take long, didn't I?

Bottler Brown will now have to u-turn yet again, man must be getting dizzy.

Answer:these scanners are an invasion of privacy, personally i have a real problem with it.

Secondly what about your children, they will be seen naked, is that acceptable, no i don't think so, also what about Muslim women who wear the full Burkha, are they exempt, if so why?

sorry we are getting to the point our lives are being monitored 24/7 and i don't think this is

the Britain we want, after all millions died in the name of democracy and freedom so why the hell should one be subjected to this indignity.

and the scanners will not show up explosives that are shoved up someones anus, as that seems to be common practice now of getting past security gates at military bases, as has been proven.

as someone just pointed out there have been objections from Muslim groups, and surely they are the people who are mostly likely to be in the frame.

Answer:We want a perfect Britain. But we can't have one nowadays. No matter how much we moan and groan, we have to accept that the world is a different place now and we have to be watched more and scanned more.

Being seen naked? the person who looks at the image is no where near the x ray machine. They could be in a different part of the building, so the security guys standing near you are not going to see your body. And your facial features are not going to show up in an x ray

Muslims….Tough!! They must be scanned too. Most of the trouble we have nowadays is caused by their religious fanatics so to hell with their views. If they want to be treated equally then they must conform to our rules. And if the goverment let any of them off with it then that is just going to make matters worse. If you have nothing to hide then what's the problem.

Kids….No one wants the idea of their children been seen by weirdos, but I'm sure they will be police checked, and again, like I have already said, the person is not sitting next to them, and can't see their faces. It's going to be a fact of life that the world has changed and we must to things beyond our normal activities to keep it a safer place.

The fact is that there will always be a way for the criminal to get round this, but also there will be another more intelligent way to combat that too. We can't be lax and let these murdering animals beat us.

I hope they can see inside too so they can detect anything inserted into the anus.

One thing that annoys me is that after the time they stopped us taking too much liquids on board, why do they allow "some". Why take the risk of allowing people to take on 100mls of ….make up, face cleanser, etc. This stuff is not a necessity on board, neither is lipstick in which things could be hidden. Or are some women so vain that they are willing to risk getting blown to bits just because they want to look good?

Answer:I'm not bothered, I'd strip naked for them if they wanted.

But are people really sure other people in their families such as teenagers and ladies may not like the idea as much.

Something tells me that some people assume they will not be selected to be scanned, and I think they may not like it if they are picked.

Answer:I wouldn't mind being scanned but would object to my kids being scanned.

But couldn't they smuggle stuff internally like druggies do?

Do these body scans actually x-ray inside as well.?

And maybe I got this wrong but i thought some Muslims were objecting on the grounds of religion and everyone knows that the UK govt hates to offend !!

Answer:I've just tried today to cancel my BA holiday to the states, with the 'naked' scanning and the new luggage rules it wasn't worth the aggravation for the 'privilege' of spending my hard earned money in the US.

Despite the holiday being more than 3 months away I was told I would be charged 60% of the total cost of the holiday!!!

The new scanning is pointless, these nutters are going to blow themselves up anyway so it wouldn't take too much for them to get surgically implanted items they need and it would be invisible to all the new scanning regimes!

Answer:thank you kerry couldn't u have waited till i'd gone before you asked this question ? lol. i don't mind in the slightest and i don't mind my kids going through it either its just a ghostly image and i can't see perverts getting off with a picture of casper the ghost. i agree these nutters will find a way round it eventually.

Answer:If it helps to catch a few then I suppose it has to be a good idea.

Although it is just something else for people to evade. It's all very well having body scanners, but if the person checking it misses something then it's as much use as no use.

Answer:of course terrorists will find another way. maybe it will encourage them to focus more on other targets like train stations or shopping malls ect.

before you know it, you'll be having to go throught a body scanner just to visit your local tescos.

Answer:Sadly in the world we live in now, it probably has become necessary

As much as we might moan at being delayed at airports for security reasons, i would prefer that they were over cautious, than not!! :)

Answer:all the measures are conspiracies by Auto manufacturers

They want more people to travel in personal transport

may be aircraft manufacturers want rich segment to buy personal aircrafts

Answer:Don't worry. They'll be banned in the UK as they discriminate against 'certain ethnic groups'.

You really couldn't make this stuff up.

You've got that exactly right hog b by the way.

Answer:Yes well basically who's to stop a disgruntled employee exhibiting such images on the net? I want paying me!

Answer:I've no problem with them, it's only flesh and bones after all and still two sexes – what's to look at? The replacement knees and hips will probably be of more interest anyway than dangly bits.

Answer:Of course they do but are you saying we shouldn't even try? It doesn't bother me one little bit. I'd rather feel at least a little safer than worry about who has seen an outline of my body.

Answer:I am not bothered at all, safety comers first. It is by all means i welcome such a scanner cause i feel safe indeed.

Answer:Basically its just the airport men wanting to perv more at work and be able to get away with it if you ask me

Answer:I'd worry more about BAA employees than other passengers.

Answer:I'm all for it. I want to feel as safe as possible when travelling.

Answer:a bunch of pervs checking us out.

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What is the best free online website to use if I were to check my current credit rating? ?

April 3rd, 2010

What is the best free online website to use if I were to check my current credit rating? ? thanks

Answer:if you want to check your credit rating for free , check out this site

Here you can check your 3-in-1 Report from all three credit reporting agencies and your credit score.

Hope this help,

Answer:annual credit be aware this is a report not a score. score cost money and are costly. read the fine print. they want your credit card.

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Main reason for shortage of employable candidate in india with relevant facts and figures for free?

April 3rd, 2010

what concrete steps must be taken by government and corporation in order to address this situation

Answer:Take a look and see if any of this is useful somehow:…








Answer:it is reservation policies whether on caste , of region basis that is responsible for mass production of candidates who are unemployable.

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Which UK newspapers are conservative?

April 3rd, 2010

The Telegraph, the Mail, The Sun, The Express, the Times, others

-just about all of them except the Guardian, Independent and Mirror.

Answer:the only one i know of is the sun who just recently swiched from being labour to conservative

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Over half of women interviewed in a survey believe some rape victims should take responsibility?

April 3rd, 2010

Whatever happened to Sisterhood or are the biggest oppressors of women actually happen to be other women?…

Answer:A thousand people interviewed is hardly a representative group of all women in the UK. Just another pointless headline grabbing poll.

My opinion is if a woman should accept some sort of responsibility over being raped, then householders must take some of the blame for being burgled. After all it would never have happened if people stopped keeping all those robable goodies in their homes.

Rapist = Criminal

Victim = Victim

Answer:It's a worrying aspect as it might give men the idea they now have some sort of get out clause when it comes to taking the blame.It's like saying 'she made me do it', 'she encouraged me to rape her' but you can't encourage someone to rape you.Rape is a conscious decision to violate a woman who does not want to have intercourse,regardless of what she is wearing or how much drink she has taken.Ergo total blame lies with the rapist who chooses to carry out this horrendous crime knowing his victim is unwilling.

It also ignores the fact that perfectly sedately dressed women,old age pensioners,women in their own homes etc have all fallen foul of rapists.Rapists set out to rape.They have a different mindset to decent men.Decent men do not contrive to take advantage of a woman purely for the purpose of raping them.It would be like saying women think men in general are incapable of controlling themselves.

You wouldn't blame someone for being murdered because they took a short cut up a dark lane.

Answer:Hi there

The woman dresses in a provocative manner in order to attract male attention.

The man and woman drink alcohol together which lowers inhibition.

They both enjoy the foreplay but then the woman changes her mind and says, "No".

If the man is too drunk to understand this then he would be incapable of performing.

If he is not that drunk then he does understand. If he takes it further then this is rape!!

The Sisterhood and all humankind should understand this.

No further discussion is required.

Best wishes.

Answer:It's awful because I know many men in the police and they say nasty things such as most rape victims are just women who changed their mind at the last minute. I'm also studying law and my tutor who's also a solicitor called a rape victim a slut.

I went on a date with a man who I quite liked and wanted to kiss and cuddle him but not have sex with him and then suddenly he grabbed my arm and held me down and I just about managed to get away. I didn't report him as I knew I would just get the blame from the police and men in the law profession, so if women don't support women, then who will?

Before what happened to me and before I heard how the police and lawyers talk about rape victims, I might have said women who were raped had some blame but now I don't. Unless you think that men are animals with no self control and all women should be scared of them.

Answer:Well when you play with fire you're bound to get burned.

Rape is a horrible thing to experience and nobody should have to go through that but there are ways of avoiding it in certain circumstances.

Sinister. If a homeowner leaves their front door wide open with expensive things laying out in the open chances are very high that they will be stolen. It doesn't remove the blame from the burglar but it makes the homeowner partially responsible because they acted irresponsible. If you leave your car door unlocked with a priceless painting sitting inside of it can you really expect the painting to be there the next day? Expecting people to act responsibly with their things (or body) is not beyond reasonable.

Answer:i agree with you 100%

would men say the same about men who got raped by men , would they say he was asking for it dancing all provocatively and that tight t shirt . no chance men would stand together .. sisterhood is dead and buried women do not like other women

an old lady in my town got her house broken into in the middle of the night and got raped . men should control themselves and women should have more sense than oppress other women

Answer:I was shocked and disgusted when I heard this. A women has the right to say no up until the point of intercourse.

That means she can wear what she likes, she can be involved in foreplay, she can get naked and get into bed with a man. But until the point of penetration she has the right to say no.

If women dont believe that it is understandable to see why there are such low convictions in this country.

Answer:i was horrified to read that, and i totally agree with your comments. women should support one another on this horrific crime, they have obviously never suffered at the hands of a rapist, or they might think differently. currently, rape is the only crime that the victim is considered guilty until found otherwise, and this just adds fuel to the fire.

Answer:Half seems like a huge number.

Unpopular however as this may be there does have to be a case where you are responsible for your own actions.

One case that springs to mind is the woman recently who talked online with a man about how much she wanted group sex,got him to arrange it with his mates,travelled to his house then cried rape.

Yes no should mean no but this is the real world.

However all this business of girls ''asking for it'' cos they get drunk and wear short skirts is nonsense.

Plus all these stories of women falsely claiming rape doesnt help the cause at all

Answer:Just 'cos some bird wears high heels and short skirt don't mean she deserves to be raped. Women should be able to go out looking sexy and be safe. Then again they gotta realise they will attract a lot of men whose attention they don't want as well as the ones they do want attention from. Imagine what a dull world it would be if all women had to cover up for fear of rape. I hate rapists 'cos they give all us men a bad name. Ridiculous.

Answer:Rape is a despicable crime whichever way you look at it. As for this so called 'survey' – it just sounds like another ridiculous newspaper article to me.

Answer:thought you're a champion of Islam huh? so shouldn't you be saying rape is a crime wanton women commit against men?

Answer:Some women should have more common sense,than to put themselves in a situation where they could be raped or attacked.

@ jess – still nothing! Change your provider1

Answer:poles can be read how they want to put across

if a political party in down in the poles they say they don't count

but as soon as they are up in the poles they are happy

I don't believe them

Answer:I know. It's disgraceful.

It's like saying – "well – if you will live in a big house – of course you're going to get burgled…"

Answer:I don't know about sisterhood, but like the article said

If you get into bed with a man how can it be rape.

Women think they can go in public half naked and not provoke a rape situation. There are some really sick & uncontrolled people out there and they take people dressed provocative as an invitation to have s-x.

Just last week I saw a woman, mid day, down town in a transparent short night gown, black bra and thong. She was walking across the street into a shop & she was with some other people that were normally dressed.

My wife & I couldn't believe it.

If that isn't looking for trouble then what is.


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What everyday items would you like to see get a style makeover?..?

April 3rd, 2010

with hopsital gowns getting a high fashion makoever by Ben di' Lisi…

what other everyday items would you like to see get madeover? telephone boxes? Buses?

anything you can think of which is a bit boring or ugly which you would like to see with a new refreshed look

thanks :)


Answer:Telephone poles, traffic lights, street signs, store lighting and signs, especially their outside signs, Whoopi Goldberg, Sarah Palin

Answer:Prince Andrew, now that he's turning 50. That guy looks years older, tubby and in need of a few casual trendy outfits.

Pharmacists..these guys/gals need to loosen up, smile and lose the white coat with name badge thing, stating that hey they are "pharmacists", get over yourself.

Old people…lets see just a few even, stating that they love Lady Gaga, they wear Primark, they drive at the speed limit at least, and that they love Subway meals.

Answer:School uniforms. They are so boring. Jazz them up a bit for kids.

Answer:One or 2 people on CE for a start!

Answer:Princess Jess in Current Events – she needs it – URGENTLY (and Lexy!) Oh, and Bear should go off and shave his balls.

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Do networks count people who tune into their station if their tv is off?

April 3rd, 2010

Do networks count people in their tally of people who tunes into their station if the television is off but the person watching left the channel on the station?

Answer:The networks don't count people. Instead they use a service called Nielsen.

The Nielsen company distributes a special box to a random sampling of families across the country. With the family's permission, the box is connected their TV, where it collects statistics about what channels are watched at what time. It only collects statistics when the TV is on – if the TV is off, no one's watching it, regardless of what station it may have been tuned to last. The data is then collected by Nielsen Co. and turned into viewing numbers and other aggregate statistics for the networks.

One Nielsen family represents a few thousand households.

Unfortunately the Nielsen's boxes do not work with DVRs, so their data is becoming less and less relevant.

Answer:If you have a cable box or satellite receiver that is still on when the television is off, then yes. Otherwise, if you just have a television, then the answer is no.

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Can someone explain this Iran v Usa thing?

April 3rd, 2010

It seems to me that Iran wants a nuke so it can become a bigger bully in the playground but the Usa are trying to squish all attempts but failing.

So why doesnt Usa just invade as the saying goes "better to be safe than sorry"… who knows we could stick a bit of oil in there as a reward :P

Answer:So much to it, but a brief summary.

Iran along with other Islamic states believe that Israel is an illegal state, and thus should not exist. (They do actually have a strong argument, even though their actions of terrorism is wrong). The US support Israel and because Iran are getting closer to a nuclear weapon, Israel and the US are frightened because Ahmadinejad (leader of Iran) and his other muslim cleric leaders are the sort of leaders that might use one, because they have what is called a theocracy were we; the US and the UK have a democracy. If Iran were to get WMD, they would more than likely use it against Israel and that would cause a nuclear war, and probably destroy most of humanity, and the likes of China and Russia will get involved.

Answer:Well iran wants islam to dominate the globe, so when they look at the USA, UK and Israel..they see the freedom we have and it drives them nuts!

The USA and the west don't care much for freedom really, well not anymore..i think they don't like iran because iran is an obstacle to their goals.

So basically we have a group of corrupt western nations V fundamentalist Islam(which would likely include russia, pakistan and maybe china for the ride)

I want to add to respond to the comments made below..

The reason why the USA, UK and Israel can have nuclear weapons is because they are not threatning to wipe another nation off the face of the planet or drive them to destruction into the sea! All of which, iran has confessed too!

Answer:It is not Iran/USA, but Iran/Israel.

The Israeli's have said that they will never allow a Arab Nuclear bomb, and would bomb the nuclear sites once they found them, but the USA said no we will bomb the sites ,and have a bomb twice the size of two double decker buses to destroy the 6 mile nuclear facility .

It is now all about getting a reason to attack Iran, and no credible reason has yet been found, and Iran is not another Iraq where there was plenty of reasons to attack them…

The USA and the UK have nuclear bombs and so why not Iran, but this comment that we are the good guys and can be trusted with nuclear weapons is pathetic?

Answer:Iran has over 80 million people. It's too big for the US to invade. The US and UK have never even gained control of Iraq after 7 years occupation and still partial occupation. Iran is not threatening US, Iran has been openly threatening Israel for years as well as sunni moslem contries. Iran is first a threat to Israel who they threaten with genocide and second to sunni moslem countries, they don't like them either. Actually, Iran doesn't like anyone.

Answer:the facts about current affairs u must know

1. Last Spring, Rose Gottemoeller, an assistant secretary of state and Washington's chief nuclear arms negotiator, asked Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Israel refused.

2. The United Nations passed a resolution calling on Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and to submit to inspections. Israel refused.

3. The IAEA asked Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and to submit to inspections. Israel refused.

4. Iran's formal notification to the IAEA of the planned construction of the backup fuel-rod facility underscores that Iran is playing by the rules of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty which Iran has signed.

5. Iran allows IAEA inspections of all its facilities.

6. Contrary to face-saving claims, it appears that the US and Israel were both caught off guard by Iran's announcement. The reasoning is simple. Had the US or Israel announced the existence of he new facility before Iran's notified the IAEA, it would have put Iran on the defensive. As it is now, the US and Israel seem to be playing catch up, casting doubt on the veracity of Israel's claims to "know" that Iran is a nuclear threat.

7. The IAEA and all 16 United States Intelligence Agencies are unanimous in agreement that Iran is not building and does not possess nuclear weapons.

8. In 1986, Mordachai Vanunu blew the whistle and provided photographs showing Israel's clandestine nuclear weapons factory underneath the reactor at Dimona.

9. Israel made the same accusations against Iraq that it is making against Iran, leading up to Israel's bombing of the power station at Osirik. Following the invasion of 2003, international experts examined the ruins of the power station at Osirik and found no evidence of a clandestine weapons factory in the rubble.

10. The United Nations has just released the Goldstone Report, a scathing report which accuses Israel of 37 specific war crimes and crimes against humanity in Gaza earlier this year. Israel has denounced the report as "Anti-Semitic (even though Judge Goldstone is himself Jewish), and the United States will block the report from being referred to the War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague, thereby making the US Government an accessory after-the-fact.

We all need to be Joe Wilson right now. We need to stand up and scream, "LIAR!" at every politician and every talking media moron that is pushing this war in Iran. And we need to keep dong it until they get the message that we will not be deceived any more.

Israel wants to send your kids off to die in Iran, and YOU are the only one that can stop them.

Please forward this comment to your social networks

Answer:because the usa has difficulty in winning wars these days

to many rules of war now that the other side don't follow

human rights and all that

the only way you can fight terrorists wars is by doing the same

they hide behind civilians but of course you cant shoot civilians

but we will never win wars with out casualties

Answer:Iran wants to develop Nuclear Bomb to nuke America, and dominate middle east particularly oil.

america/Israel do no like the idea. America can not squash the nuclear program . Israel is tentative and also nervous . Iran wants to regain the glory of Persian empire

Answer:Well the US is already stretched pretty thin with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan so committing more troops would be an issue.

Answer:Iran = bad

USA = good

Answer:because there are millions of martyrs (suicide bombers) and lots of innocent people who are gonna die. plus it can start a nuclear war

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What is freedom of the press ?

April 3rd, 2010

please give me a full story or facts about freedom of the press please !!!!!!!!


Answer:The media is free to tell the truth but only a few (mostly over at FOX News) actually do.

Answer:the freedom to lie, exaggerate, misquote, give opinions and generally stir up the readers.

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Body Scanners- Why isn

April 3rd, 2010

Some people are p!ssed about being seen naked but surely thats what you should be more worried about?? Especially people who fly alot, won't it be really dangerous for them?

Answer:something about 1000 scans = one dental X-Ray

supposedly it is very weak.

Answer:People who are frightened don't bother to think of these things – and the press, owned lock, stock and barrel by conservatives of every stripe, has done an excellent job of keeping a distracted public frightened. The only people who're concerned about excessive radiation exposure are those like me, who hold professional credentials in radiology. And our warnings are drowned out by the mega-loud mouths of the Limbaughs and the Becks amongst us. It's like this: "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe." …Albert Einstein

Answer:Yeah, I think its low radiation.I'm angrier about having to be scanned, it takes away privacy…looks like terrorists are winning already.

Answer:The same way nobody seems to be bothered by the increased exposure to solar radiation being 30000 feet up in the air

Answer:The amount of radiation is very low. Not harmful. They say.

Answer:I agree, it would be most dangerous to pregnant women and small children

Answer:I am! As a regular flier I'll be more exposed to it, I suppose I'll have to stick with being searched the old fashion way.

Answer:cause there is none.

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Has Guy Ritchie

April 3rd, 2010

I don't think I'm reading it wrong, as it says he was caught buggering a girl hard in his room. Buggering means anal sex, doesn't it? Why would his father say something like that? Do you think Madonna or somebody who hates him put that part in?

Ritchie, who is dyslexic, was expelled from Stanbridge Earls School, one of the most prominent institutions specialising in dyslexia in the UK, at the age of 15.[1] He has stated that drug use was the reason for the expulsion; his father, however, has said that it was because his son was caught "cutting class and buggering[4] a girl really really hard in his room."[

It's about eight lines down from the top on here

Answer:Maybe his dad has a wicked sense of humour.

Answer:Hahaha, When Basshunter was in the Big Brother house someone hacked his.

They kept saying his real name was 'Desmond' not Jonas and at the bottom they made a separate section called "Fishing" which went along the lines of "Desmond is credited with catching the legendary whale 'Moby Dick' He is also the winner of the 'World fisherman's' award every year since 1753"

Edit: Lol! I spelt Basshunter wrong. Fail.

Answer:You could go and check in the Andrew Morton 'Madonna' book, which is the quoted reference at the bottom, with a page number. Also look at the past versions, the statement seems to have been around for a while.

Answer:Think I would rather be basshunter than Guy Ritchie right now.

After all catching Moby Dick is impressive —-being expelled for buggering is not.

And yep buggering means anal sex—-doubt it was Madonna.

It might have been her new toyboy Jesus—he looks a bit shifty

Answer:That's the price you pay when you expose yourself to the public domain.

Answer:This is what happens when you can re-write your own encyclopedia.




Answer:nah you don't have to hack it just hit the edit this page tab…

hey cool huh… hate the creep anyhows..

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Is freedom of press a good thing? why?

April 3rd, 2010


Without freedom of the press, then we become slaves to whoever controls the press & we never know the truth about things.

N. Korea keeps their people thinking whatever the govt tells them by controlling the news media


Answer:Too much freedom is actually detrimental to society. Far too many have chosen the easy, lucrative path of entertainment – sometimes cynically called "infotainment" – over the traditional duty of the press, which is to keep the readership informed of important issues and other matters that impact their lives. When I studied journalism in the early 1960s, our instructors and the owners/editors of our local media all said "Your job is to keep people informed!" Last time I talked to an editor – which was two days ago – it was "Screw that! We're here to make money!" Well, she was indeed exercising freedom of the press. Your task would be to show whether this was good or bad for the country.

Answer:Freedom of the press and freedom of speech is the bedrock of our liberty. Without these freedoms we would have no idea of the truth about what our corrupt leaders are doing.

An example is how freedom of the press sunk the Obama take over of our health care system and is now exposing the fraud about climate change. Without freedom, we the people would have these things rammed down our throats by the crooks who rule over us.

Answer:It is better than freedom to politicians

Also the only way to keep check on vagaries of politicians

Answer:Would you prefer it to be like the former soviet union or n korea, that's the other side of the coin.

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Is Ke$ha realy related to mick jagger?

April 3rd, 2010

i saw it online but i didnt think it was true. This is my first time using this on yahoo so u no. I just want to know if they r. That would explian SO much! lol

Answer:no, they have no relationship to eachother whatsoever.

search it on google.

some things say that he is her dad, or uncle. but its not true.

she just mentions him once in her song Tik Tok.

Hope i helped:)

Answer:one word for ke$ha. SL*T

Answer:no i don't even think she know what he looks like because he damn ugly!

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Why does Fox News primetime viewers total beat MSNBC and CNN combined?

April 3rd, 2010

Is Fox growing in popularity or is CNN and MSNBC failing?

I personally think it's the lack of honesty with MSNBC and to a lesser extent CNN's dishonesty. Our society is now much more educated and they are better able to detect bogus reporting.

I keep hearing that MSNBC is getting ready to close their doors due to their poor showing and wonder what is so hard about just being fair and balanced? What is motivating them to run themselves into the ground?

Answer:I love how your question brought out the progressives.

Americans like fair and balanced news. Fox always shows both sides of issues and allows us to make up our own minds. CNN and MSNBC are plain lazy, just reporting certain issues, leaving other issues out completely, and allowing personal bias to spin what they report.

What bothers me the most is how CNN and MSNBC leave out so much of what is going on in the world.

Answer:Nobody watches primetime news anymore except seniors. And seniors tend to see the world as weird and scary, which fits in perfectly with the Fox/Republican viewpoint.

The average age of an O'Reilly Factor viewer (I know he's not primetime news, but I still think the stat is relevant) is 73. Seventy-three. The average lifespan of an American is 78. That means that the average O'Reilly viewer is statistically closer to death than he is to working.

Also, for all the talk of being fair and balanced, Fox News is incredibly biased. It shamelessly panders to the far end of the political spectrum, and since it's a big country there's a lot of people who love it. But you have to remember that no more than a few percent of the country is watching any of the news networks at any one time. Even if Fox News had 100% of the market share, that would still leave it less influential on the next election than Youtube.

Answer:Simply they cover all the news and don't sugar coat anything for anyone especially the President. They tell the truth they research and do all the things News agencies are supposed to do. and only people from teenagers to 25 viewers love a Fool that will say anything. If I see a poll on Fox it is not necessarily one poll it is more than one poll. Doubt if Oberman beat out anybody!

Answer:I have no idea why people watch Fox Noise. It is nothing but a PR machine for the REpublican Party.

CNN is the cloesest to not being partial to anyone.

MSNBC is just downright funny when Keith O gets on a rag against someone.

I still read the paper to understand the news as these shows are all just one sided in the presentation of the facts, or lack of facts.

Answer:Fox is not gaining, as too many people know that it's really Rupert Murdoch's political perspectives. See a DVD available from Netflixcalled, "Outfoxed – Rupert Murdoch's war on Journalism". Did you know that newscasters who leave Fox must sign an agreement that they won't discuss their experiences at Fox with outsiders? Rupert controls everyone there like puppets.

Answer:Older People and Republicans who find the Elite Media to far to the Left watch FOX because they refuse to follow trends like the other networks do, plus conservatives rule America in General they are the only ones to cater to them too, Finding out that CNN and MSNBC are either Moderate or Liberal they will not watch people who are not like them.

Most of America is Conservative its why FOX is Succeeding.

Answer:Also Fox News is available without Cable/Satellite on regular Fox networks. That doesn't seem to be the case for CNN and MSNBC,

Answer:Truth of the matter is older people tend to be Republicans. Older people make up 90% of the primetime news watchers. Im a moderate.

Answer:Because FOX news seems to be more diverse but radical. And the older generation love that like of stuff, that boomer generation is selfish.

Answer:because Fox news has read the market right , while others want market tt read them( listen)

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Why does terrorism happen and what measures can be taken to prevent it?

April 3rd, 2010

It happens because there are simply very bad people in the world.

At this point in time the terrorists we have are mostly from Radical Islam and they think they are doing their god a favor and taking over the world for him. They are teaching their children from very little to do this and to hate people that are not of their religion. This is about 10% of Islamic people, but since there are 3 1/2 billion islamic folks the radical ones are quite a few.

They basically can not be stopped, except by killing them as they think nothing of their own lives as long as they can kill some of us. Since they train their children this way they have an endless supply of suicide bombers. The parents don't seem to care that their kids are blowing themselves up for their religion, so it is really hopeless.

We basically can only fight them when we find them doing something.



Answer:cowardice and avarice worldwide. an exerted effort by powerful nations to wipe out the source( the middle east) is the solution.

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Is eating chocolate a vice?

April 3rd, 2010

Give up your iPod for Lent, bishops urge … Church leaders are encouraging people to give up their iPods for Lent, instead of more traditional vices such as chocolate, to help save the planet.…

Answer:I think eating too much chocolate is an addiction. One I suffer from myself.

And regards eating it at all? Well, that is an interesting question. As I suppose it gives pleasure (like wine and cigarettes for some) it might be considered to be a vice. I know I've heard many people say it is! It then suggests that frugality and simple eating must be nearer to God, in which case, it might be better to leave your city or town and go and live in a cave, like a hermit, reading and writing religious text and meditating.


Answer:I always thought these 'vices' are all the products of the Catholic church.

A bit like going to confess your sins because you had 'carnal thoughts' about the attractive girl down the road.

Everything's ok unless you do it to excess in my book. I certainly wouldn't call eating a certain type of food a vice.

Answer:Well Doctors are now saying that along with your glass or red wine a day you should also eat a piece of dark chocolate – 70% cocoa as this is good for your heart and arteries. As for vice – yes, the perverted priests ought to give that up forever and not just for Lent.

Answer:There are other things that I would consider vices.

Alcohol, smoking, gluttony – chocolate must come under that, but smoking & drinking could be considered damaging to society, as well as the planet.

Giving up an iPod?

I haven't got one….so there you go I have seen the light.


Answer:As 'vice' means, an evil, degrading, or immoral practise or habit, I wouldn't say chocolate was. I wouldn't take on board anything the church says anyway.

Answer:May be Church leaders themselves are chocolate addicts so they do not reckon it as vice

Answer:I can think of a vice the church turned a blind eye to for long enough.Who are they to preach?

Answer:If it is than call the police because Im

a serial offender

Answer:Well yes it is I'm not a Christian so this lent thing is not in my doing, Chocolate I will have no problem having some.

Answer:I gave up god for lent over three decades ago, best thing I ever did.

Answer:no its a pleasure!!

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Do you feel more safe or less safe with Obama as President instead of Bush?

April 3rd, 2010

Most def, LESS SAFE!

He's a lawyer who THINKS criminals derserve special "strikes" before they are taken "out". TOO MANY STRIKES if you ask me. Like they do in Europe.

Pathetic….in my opinion

Answer:About equal, other than the fact that Bush invaded Iraq without clear provocation and I don't think Obama will do that in Iran or anything.

But no matter who the President is, this is basically a very safe country. Despite 9/11, under Bush, under Obama, etc. the defenses of the country are the about the same. The President is the Commander in Chief regardless. I don't think terrorists care who the President is, our politics probably only affect them a little. (I mean terrorists in the field who might attack, not other country's governments who might be more affected by policy.)

Answer:Less safe.with Obama

Bush started us down this road to destruction and Obama has pushed the accelerator to the floor with his bad programs and excessive spending.

We need someone in the white house who isn't a financial idiot. You can not spend your way out of a recession. Can't be done.

The man is a coward before the raidcal Islamic elements and they have not fear of us at all. We are in for it .


Answer:Safe ? I haven't felt safe from the time of Reagan . Life was great before the idiot changed the way we viewed the world and the world viewed us . As far as the war is going who in there right mind would feel safe at any time no matter who the leader is .

Answer:Safer with Obama, but I am disappointed he hasn't started dismantling the Pentagon. As long as we have that saber rattlers causing havoc to our world peace, we won't be save.

Answer:Obama. Bush had our financial system on the brink of a catastrophe. His own people had to stop heim from saying, "Our economy is strong".

Answer:Less safe. Obama is clueless and has surrounded himself with bumbling idiots. Bush was bad, but this guy is far worse.

Answer:More safe having a President who can form his own sentences.


Answer:Obummer has no plan except talk. talk will not defend us.

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Do you tend to shop less or more at Wal-Mart?

April 3rd, 2010

I find that I go to other stores more often when I know that Wal-Mart is cheaper. After watching the news today, I think I know why. They are eliminating other brands and going with their own store brand. The new report said they are going with their store brand and only one other retail brand in many areas of the store… with the retail brand not being the one most popular but the one that funnels most money into Wal-Mart advertising. —> Case in point… Arm & Hammer laundry detergent… in my opinion is about as good as water with a little spit. Wal-Mart pulled it off the shelf

If all of that is true, it seems like the first time Wal-Mart has made a marketing blunder. Remember the blunder with the "New Coke" that was an obvious failure to almost all consumers before they trashed the idea many months later. It's almost unconceivable that our largest retailer is following this boondoggle. I think it is great for competitors but I think Wal-Mart is missing the numbers because they are focusing on the bad economy which has led them down this path and as we emerge, they will probably find they have lost market share and emboldened their competitors.

It was all very subtle with me. Little by little I couldn't find my favorite brands and thought they must be sold out. Eventually I realized they were not carrying those brands and with the news today it confirmed my observation. I do have to admit that I'm a little sick of looking for toothpaste and having to read the label on each and every brand to get the right one. Ditto the toilet paper… the large, the giant, the jumbo, the soft, the fragrance, etc. And how many different fragrances can Tide use?

Do you agree with my observation?…

Answer:I didn't shop at WalMart for a long time but my daughter kept telling me I had to try it because it was so much less expensive than the other grocery stores. I finally gave it a try and have to admit, my grocery bill was literally cut in half. I have had no trouble finding brand names, etc.

We recently went out for the day and we were going to stop at WalMart to pick up cat food, which I was just about out of. I buy Friskies 5.5 ounce cans — they are 44 cents at WalMart. Since it was getting late, and we would pass by Safeway on our way home, we decided to just stop there and probably pay a bit more for the cat food. Well, Friskies 5.5 ounce cans were 74 cents each, almost twice as much as WalMart. Same with ice cream — I love Ben & Jerry's ice cream and it is almost twice as much at Safeway compared to WalMart. I don't mean to get on the band-wagon for WalMart but I can't afford not to shop there.

Answer:Thanks for BA. I buy pop at WalMart too — it's less than half the price of the other stores. I bet it would help if you told the manager at WalMart that you wanted them to keep more of the brand names. It's worth a try. Janet

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Answer:millions disagree with you and that may prove you wrong. after all other factors are considered competition is what selling is all about. higher price does not mean better product. wait and note the profits and sales at years end and you will be entirely wrong.

Answer:Never have, never will. They are responsible for destroying the small business retailing base in small towns across America. They don't deserve to be rewarded for that.

Answer:I shop at Walmart when I need the cheap stuff they offer. I shop other places when I need what they offer. Walmart is the great middle class store. Good value for the masses.

Answer:I only shop at Walmart if I need something immediately and I can't find it elsewhere. That is maybe two times in a year!

Answer:I shop at WMT. Reasons: its price points and superior personal and efficient service.

Answer:I wouldn't be seen dead in a walmart, or asda as they are known in Britain.

Answer:The one I USE to shop at has nothing but non english speaking people in it, when I need help and I am being honest they can't answer me. I asked the two women working produce for a certain item, they looked at each other started speaking "their" language, looked at me, shrugged their shoulders and walked off……this has happened to many times. They put mom and pops out of business. The OTHER reason is they don't pay people enough to make a living, they end up getting food stamps and we know who pays for those, 3rd thing is their selection stinks anymore. I shop at Winco, there prices, selection is much better and they actually hire people that speak English and pays them better. If I do end up paying a bit more for their items, that is ok… least I get treated like I have lived around here for 30 years, I feel I am shopping in a foreign country at the Walmart.

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Do you think Dick Cheney

April 3rd, 2010

I love this. I watched Joltin Joe Biden tell the entire world that he and his boy Obama are doing exactly the same things Bush did. What a hoot for him to say that. I bet Cheney peed his pants laughing when he heard Biden say that. This shows how stupid this administration is. The so called leaders of the free world allowing themselves to be baited by a old has been.

Answer:No. He's just letting off hot air. Even the Bush administration did not always listen to him, but of course, that is the case with any Vice President, so that might not be anything personal. As a private citizen, he has a right to express his views; and as a private citizen who used to be VP he has more of a chance on national TV.

It is probably not unusual for current and former officials, especially who have held the same office to disagree and debate issues, but Joe Biden and Dick Cheney have chosen dueling it out on Sunday morning talk shows.

Answer:Like Palin, Beck, Limbaugh, Coulter, O'Reilly, Hannity, Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Cheney's daughter, Dick Cheney caters to the gun wielding, beer swilling,red neck part of society. His words fall outside that community like dead leaves silently to the ground, barely a nuisance to somebody with a rake.

Cheney has been and still is a big part of the problems we are facing today, not a solution. He belongs by law behind bars.

Answer:kind of.

I think he generally disagrees with the way Obama is running things. I think he defiantly wants Obama to change the way he handles things.

I think he is trying to convenience everyone that Obama is wrong and then tell them what Obama should being. And that is what is hurting his administration

Answer:Nobody can hurt the Obama administration like Obama himself.

People are sick and tired of Obama and his lies & excessive spending on things that don't help our own country. He does more harm than Cheney can ever do.


Answer:No more than Obamas' comments about the past-Bush admininsration are hurting Bush.

Answer:phooey. No one hurts the obowing mans administration more than the man himself.

Answer:Dick Cheney had a 12% approval rating and no one cares what he says. Dick has his own closet filled with skeletons.

Answer:lol hell no . I think its good old Cheney has his little ignorant comments . That way we all keep it fresh in our minds how easy it is to fool us all .

Answer:I just think Dick Cheney should be in jail.

Answer:the truth hurts.

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Anybody see in the news about Mitt Romney being

April 3rd, 2010

According to, some passenger became "physically violent" after Romney asked him to adjust his seat from the reclining position in front of Romneys' wife. Romney "did not retaliate" during the fight.

WHY NOT?! He waited until the flight crew "respond to the incident".

If I was on a plane and MY wife was uncomfortable with some JERK reclining in HER lap or MINE, I'd quietly ask him/her to adjust her seat. And if he/she got irate, SO BE IT! Iwouldnt let ANYBODY treat ME or her like a punching bag or get all in MY or HER face like a JERK! I'm no barbarian, but nor am I that passive.

Answer:Politicians are notorious for sending sending someone else into a fight, that is why he depended on the flight crew to deal with this one. It worked, he didn't skin up his knuckles and the violent guy got booted off the plane.

Answer:seat recline for a reason????this girl is so poor she has never been on a plane. Yes they do recline but forbiden until 10,000' is reached!

Answer:The seats recline for a reason.

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Is it possible for a white man and a white woman to have a black child?

April 3rd, 2010

and are there any examples of such misfortune on the net


Once again racism has aired its ugly head

Answer:Remember a classic Sun story from the early eighties (when said paper was a bit like how the Daily Mail is now) when a white wean was either born with a ******* hand – or the colour had gradually appeared as she reached school-age.

Can remember the child shyly holding her hand (not too sure if it was left or right) in front of the camera…and the look of the mother – who had the sort of face one would pull after the nose being assaulted by cow manure; the look of ultimate pseudo-disgust.

Her da thought it was hilarious…but mum – obviously irked on by the Sun reporter was telling readers that she would go to Hell and back to get little Elizabeth's (or whatever she was called) hand 'back to normal'.

Answer:Only as a 'throw back' from previous generations – and in the past there have been some huge shocks along the way (history) – where the black gene was introduced into the family maybe 200yrs ago and remained dormant for all those years and then without warning and for no reason the gene becomes 'active again' in the family heritage – these events were brought about because of the plantation owners 'wife' and other women messing around with slaves as some of them did and they passing on the gene to their husbands children boy/girl (slave history) its usually the women who pass the gene on more that the man as the women are the ones who conceive – get pregnant.!!

The modern way would be if the wife/partner had a sexual adventure with a black man as the black 'gene' is stronger than the white 'gene' and produces a mixed race child.

Answer:its rare but does happen, one example that happened was for a couple in the south of ireland had a male child fully genetically black. paternal dna testing proved it was his son and not a mistake in the maternity ward with giving the wrong baby to the wrong parents

Answer:misfortune wtf?


And for those saying no its not possible, yeah it is. For example a child's parents may look white but that does not mean they do not carry the gene for a darker skin tone as a throw back from an ancestor.…

Answer:There had to be someone in the family that had black genes

I can't remember who it was, but way way back a movie star had a black babie and was accused of running around on her husband and they found out that there had been a black person in her family way back.


Answer:It's rare but perfectly possible.The 'misfortune' would only occur on them encountering racism but then you'd know all about that.…

Answer:it is not impossible, if you were to ask someone who's an expert in genetics, they would tell you it is possible if someone down the generations had been black then these genes can be passed on in future generations.

Answer:yeah there was a girl at school, people used to ask if she was adopted because she was so dark when her parents were white, but supposedly not.

Obviously I'm not stupid, I can't tell you the exact circumstances! Only her mother knows that for certain.

Answer:I wouldn't say that is a misfortune. I think that you would love your child regardless of what skin pigment he produced. And, no, to answer your question.

Answer:Not that I know of unless it is an albino child but it is possible for a black person and a white person to have a pure white baby

Answer:Sorry Earl, if a white man and white woman have a black child together it means the woman had sex with a black man 9 months earlier.

Answer:'Misfortune' is such a harsh word when referring to a child. It is possible but rare.

Answer:So if your wife gave birth to a black baby who became the US president – that would be a misfortune would it? Nah…..didnt' think so tw@t.


Answer:Yes it is possible if somebody way back in the line of generations was black.

Answer:Misfortune? There would be bloody murder in my house.

Answer:Uh, misfortune? o_O

But no, that is not possible.

Answer:No only purple and green ones

Answer:dunno but mr and mrs jackson had a white child…

Answer:not sure

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What do I put in a journal?

April 3rd, 2010

I have a lot of stress in my life and someone told me that I needed to find something to do that could be a stress reliever. So I am thinking about writing a journal, but what do I put in it?

Answer:You can write about memorable events, things that really impacted you. In a journal you don't have to write about what happened everyday because some days are the same. You can write about b-days,

your vacations, Christmas, ideas, your favorite quotes, your thoughts and opinions. Usually stuff that you want to remember are the best things you could put in your journal.

Thats what i usually write in my journal. I usually don't write bad stuff that happen to me:)

Hope that helps!

Answer:When something crops up and is really bothering you, write it down. Or if something is bugging you after somebody said/did it, and it starts to get to nagging you, write that down too.

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How long can you hold your breath under water?

April 3rd, 2010

can you go over 19 mins…

Answer:Not as long as the Gitmo detainees.

Answer:It takes training to go over 3 minutes..

The man was allowed to oxygen saturate his lungs so he would not need to breath.

Hyper ventilating is what free divers normally do, but to go 3 or 4 minutes for a normal person is a lot after that you need to train yourself to not breath ..


Answer:I haven`t tried that for years!!

I remember trying to practice that trick in the bathroom sink, in preparation for swimming lessons. We had a swimming teacher that used to chuck a bucket of water over our heads if we wouldn`t put our head under the water. :( ((

Answer:The same amount of time holding it not under water, obvious really

Answer:2 Minutes and 48 Seconds!

Answer:No I could not get any where near that, I have a phobia of water so would start to panick early on

Answer:No longer than two and a half minutes.


2 mins Lol

Answer:Not even close.

Answer:That's quite a long time. Don't think I could beat that.

Answer:about half an hour

Answer:not long

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Do you think he is getting too big for his sandals?

April 3rd, 2010…

Answer:lol the Yanks have offered to send them enriched plutonium for their "energy" program, surprise surprise they turned it down.

Babylonians down Persians togo it seems..

Answer:Oh yes. Arrogant threats as well. 'They say they are only doing this for nuclear peaceful purposes, but the evidence doesn't support that," Clinton told hundreds of students. I hope these kind of reports don't pave the way for another Middle East invasion.

Answer:Who spells Sanctions "Santions" anyway?

Answer:He is a murderer. I hope for the day that the Iranian people see sense and overthrow him.

Answer:his words sound reassuring but then would you trust a man that rigged the election


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If a copy editor is asked to write a 2-25-1 headline, what does the

April 3rd, 2010

A. Columns

B. Lines


D. Words

I usually wouldn't use this for an exact question it's just I do online schooling and I think they shorted me a few of the reading material pages and my teacher isn't online.

I've looked through the internet and the selection has been limited…

Answer:Inches. The formula is column-inches-headline. So your story would be two columns wide, 25 inches long with a one line headline.

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How does diffusion of responsibility help?

April 3rd, 2010

It helps by making sure that everyone involved is responsible and therefore helping (or encouraging) the principly responsible person/organisation.

Also it means that if no one person feels personally responsible that they are more likely to be honest if and when it turns out that something has gone wrong.

It also helps if you are the one to blame as you can shirk your responsibilities more easily.

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